Cutting & Styling

Refresh your look with a stylish haircut

There are many techniques to style your hair such as straightening frizzy hair, adding curls, smoothing hair, adding vital volume to your hair, backcombing, adding hair extensions and up-styling your hair. You have the choice from a vast variety of hairstyles which we are happy to discuss with you: layered hairstyles, short hairstyles, hairstyles suited for thin hair,long hairstyles, short layered hairstyles, short curly hairstyles, suitable hairstyles for middle age, formal hairstyles for long hair, stacked bob hairstyles, mohawk hairstyles, and many more…

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We offer that tailor-made haircut for you – we will evaluate your hair quality, hair structure and suggest which haircut would best suit the shape of your face. Very thick hair can appear too compact when cut very straight. It is more suited to have well balanced steps worked through the hair to diffuse the appearance of heaviness. Whilst we are happy to give you our expert advice however, we mostly listen to you and how you wish to wear your hair.

Formal Hair & Wedding

Beautiful hairstyling for that special occasion

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Every bride should feel nothing short of exhilarated and confident about her hairstyle on her big day. We can create for you wedding hair from the unfussy yet elegant for brides with a romantic side. Other wedding looks cover intricate and breathtaking styles which will not only look fabulous, but it will also be durable and staying in ship-shape form for the length of that special day. Add stand-out hair accessories to  add visual impact to your style. Whether curly or straight, whether up or down – you can rest assured that we can  create some of the most amazing wedding hairstyles for any “I do.”

Still undecided what formal hair style will suit you? Get our professional advice on choosing a formal hair-do to complement your look and make it memorable! Formal styling can take various shapes and styles,such as up-smooth or down-smooth styles, up-curls or down-curls, half-up/half-down hair styles, beautiful accessorized plaits or braids. Done by your professional hair stylist, your formal hair will look still charming after you danced the night away.

Foils & Perms

Let us put the bounce back into your life

Hair foils are a great way to put highlights and/or lowlights into your hair. It can be done on any length of hair whether curly or straight. This way you can create lighter hair just around your face for instance, or put darker accents through hair which is too light in colour.

Permed hair styles have much improved since the 1980’s. Today it is possible to to fine tune perms so that they fall in loose waves, or sport corkscrew curls which are in high demand particularly by straight hair clients. A perm can also add volume and body to very fine and lifeless hair.

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Our Prices

Here you can see what we have to offer and what you'll pay for it

Our prices show slight variations depending on service rendered and hair length. For formal hair and wedding hair please give us a call, let us know what it is you need doing and we will quote the job before we go ahead.

Service For Clients
Haircuts start from $22
Blow drys start from $24
Regrowth treatment $44
Upstyles start from $55
Full colour starts from $50
Perms start from $50
Foils start from $44