Busy days for the hairstylist

School formals, bridal hair, formal up-styles for hens nights…….our salon is bustling and that’s the way we like it

When you come and see us you want more than a haircut. You want a makeover. That means we will have to find a way to make you look gorgeous when you leave the salon.

Every client’s hair is different. Some clients will have hair that is easy to work with and it won’t take long to make their hair look great. Some hair can take a bit of work before it gets the looks we want to achieve.

Regardless of how easy or hard the work may be, a good hairstylist needs to be able to transform people. We want you to walk away looking and feeling great. Most of the times customers come to the salon who have their preference and know exactly what they want done to their hair.In other cases we have to take on a bit of a creative and advisory role as to the best treatment or style. When doing so, we factor in the type of your hair, the shape of your face and we consider which colouring might enhance look and complexion.

Hairdressers are also artists and must know how to use their creativity, use some creative energy to achieve something great, particularly when it comes to up-styling and formal hair arrangements.

We are happy when you come through our door, let us help you get transformed and walk away with a smile!

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